Presentations to Club


To view a PDF of the Presentation, click on the link:

Image File Management: André Neves 2023

Nature & Wildlife Photography: Ian Tulloch 2023

Mono Conversion Techniques: Bill Hamilton 2023

Infra-Red (IR) Photography: Peter North 2022

10 Years of Melbourn Photographic: Keith Truman 2022

Little Critters: André Neves 2022

Iceland in Winter: Roger Care 2022

Focus Bracketing & Stacking: Ian Tulloch 2021

Panels: André Neves 2021

Selecting What to Print and How to do it Well: Peter North 2021

Composition: Peter North 2020

Landscape Photography: Keith Truman 2019

My Photography from A to C: Jenny Collier 2019

Monochrome – Why, When, How: Pete North 2019

Location, Location, Location: Keith Truman 2019

My Special Places – Mono Tips: Colin Westgate 2019

Some Useful Photoshop Techniques: Peter North 2018

Not Just Auto: David Stocks 2018

Effective Image Workflow: Keith Truman 2018

Making Selections in Photoshop: Peter North 2017

Total Eclipse USA: Peter North 2017

Printing Images: Peter North 2017

Macro Photography, Focus Stacking & Panoramas: Ian Tulloch 2017

Replacing Skies in Photoshop: Peter North 2015

Lightroom Catalogs: Keith Truman 2014

Use of Filters: Keith Truman 2013

To RAW or not to RAW: Keith Truman 2012

The following travelogue style talks are also available by contacting the author via the club email address:

  • Iceland – Wildlife & Landscapes: Ian Tulloch
  • Yellowstone & the Grand Tetons: Ian Tulloch
  • London Top to Bottom: Keith Truman
  • Australia – West, Central & East: Peter North

The following talks are available as videos which are too large to host on this site. To get a personal download link to the video, contact the author directly or via the club email address:

  • Composition – Peter North
  • Eliminating Halos – Keith Truman
  • Perspective Cropping – Keith Truman
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