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Welcome to our database! This tool will enable us to share our best photography locations and top tips for a successful visit, across the club. If you are thinking of visiting a particular area of the UK, take a look here to see if your fellow photographers have any suggestions for you! This database will work when we all contribute high quality locations and clear information about them, so please read the instruction below on how to (a) add an entry and (b) how to search for sites.

(a) Data Entry

Please send all your submissions (as set out below) to Kath Watson –
 melbournphotoclub@hotmail.com. I will then populate the spreadsheet to ensure consistency and enable accurate searching. There are 11 fields which require data entry to complete your locations details, all of which are listed below. Copy and paste these 11 into an email, complete them and send to Kath.

Alternatively, if you feel confident using excel spreadsheets, simple download the location input sheet below, populate it, and send to the same email address above.

Image / Link – Include a single thumbnail image (or a link to an image online) to give an example of the images obtainable at this site

Location Name

County – Please add the correct county as this is an important searchable field

Nearest Town/City

Street Address – Include a postcode here if possible. If the area is remote, this might be more of a description.

OS Ref / Google Map Ref – This field provides a unique pinpoint to your location. The google map coordinates can be pasted into google maps for an immediate dropped pin point.

Parking – It is very useful to know in advance if there is any official paid parking or just laybys etc. Method of payment might also be useful.

Location Comments – Tell club members about this site. What is it? What types of images can be taken here?

Lighting Comments – Suggest the best times for great light. Use PhotoPills or Photogrpahers Ephemeris to assist.

Hazards – Warn your club members about uneven ground, tide times etc.

Contributor – Provide your name so that club members can approach you for further info.

(b) Data Search

The database is held on an Excel spreadsheet which has been protected and made read only. You can search the database simply by scrolling through it, or by using the drop down filters indicated by the down arrow to look for a specific name, county or contributor etc. For example, select the drop down under County and the first box below appears. Click on the box marked ‘Choose One’ and select ‘contains’, then move to the adjacent box and select the county you’re interested in. The database will then show entries from that county. Do the same for the other drop downs.

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