Links to member’s own sites:

André Neves, Ian Tulloch, Jo Norcross, Keith Truman, Linda Marshall, Nigel Northwood, Paul Ravenscroft, Paul Ravenscroft (Churches), Peter North, Sam Buchanan, Stephen De Havilland, Theresa Penfound


Links to member’s distinctions & national competition successes:

Member RPS / PAGB Distinction Portfolios

Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY)

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year (SLPOTY)

21st FIAP Nature Bienniel 2022


A slideshow of member’s images (one per author, randomised) is shown on our homepage


The copyright of images is owned by the individual photographer and no image may be copied, duplicated, modified or redistributed in whole or part without the prior written permission of the photographer. Individual photographers can be contacted at:

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