To print a double-sided, bi-fold programme which includes club & competition info:

  1. Click on this link to open a PDF of the programme details and print on A4 card / paper with your printer set to PORTRAIT mode
  2. Click on this this link to open a PDF of the club information page. This page has three columns ordered page 2, 3, 1 from left to right and will present the information in the correct order once folded
  3. Feed the REVERSE SIDE of the A4 programme page into the printer paper tray BOTTOM FIRST and print the information page with your printer now set to LANDSCAPE mode
  4. With the programme side facing you the right way up, make a small pencil mark on the long side of the page 10cm in from the top edge
  5. With the programme side still facing you, align the bottom edge of the page to the pencil mark and fold
  6. Fold the top edge of the page at the pencil mark on top of the existing fold to finish the bi-fold programme
  7. Voila


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