10 Sep
Welcome Evening, talks by:
Kath Watson, The Highs and Lows of Photographing the Americas
Jenny Collier, My Photography from A to C

17 Sep
1st Half: New Member’s Induction (Pam / David G) and
Large Group Critique Session (Ian)
2nd Half: PAGB / RPS Image Presentation (Ian)

24 Sep
Landscapes (whole session, Keith)

1 Oct
1st Open Projected Image Competition
Judge: Howard King (submit by Sat 28 Sep)

8 Oct
A Year on the Coast
Lecture by Justin Minns

15 Oct
1st Open Print Competition
Judge: Colin Strong (Submit on Tue 8 Oct)

22 Oct
1st Half: Advanced Lightroom Techniques (Keith)
2nd Half: Hands-On LR Editing in Groups (Keith)

25-27 Oct
Points of View Practical session (organised by Keith Truman)

29 Oct
Night Photography & all sorts
Lecture by Peter Warne

5 Nov
1st Half: Inspirational Photoshop Editing Demo (David S)
2nd Half: Editing Difficult Images from Members (David S)

12 Nov
2nd Open Projected Image Competition
Judge: Sarah Kelman (Submit by Sat 9 Nov)

19 Nov
1st Half: POV Judging (Keith) then early tea break
2nd Half: Using ‘Alternative’ Software (Roger)

25 Nov (Mon)
Melbourn Trophy 1st Round vs / at Stevenage
Judge: TBA

26 Nov
Inter-Club Print Battle vs Ely vs / at Bottisham & Burwell
Judge: TBA

3 Dec
1st Half: Macro & Close-Up Photography with practical (Jenny / Alan)
2nd Half: Macro Practical at tables to include abstract subjects

10 Dec
2nd Open Print Competition
Judge: David Steel (Submit on Tue 3 Dec)

17 Dec
Fine Art through a Lens
Lecture by Tom Way

24 Dec
Christmas Recess

31 Dec
Christmas Recess



7 Jan
Club Xmas Meal

14 Jan
Panel Print Competition
Judge: Ben Pike

18 Jan (Sat)
Cambridge Digital Inter-Club Competition at Whittlesford

21 Jan
Street Photography: Light and Life on the Streets
Lecture by Damien Demolder

28 Jan
Inter-Club Print and Projected Image Battle – Melbourn v Gamlingay at Foxton
Judge: Sarah Kelman

4 Feb
Three Counties battle with Saffron Walden and Letchworth at Foxton
Judge: Colin Strong

11 Feb
3rd Projected Image Competition
Judge: Adrian Stone (Submit by Sat 8 Feb)

18 Feb
All the gear and no idea
Lecture by Roger Hance

25 Feb
The Art of Mono
Lecture by Micki Aston

3 Mar
Pairs Cup Competition
Judge: Alison Jenkins (Submit by Sat 29 Feb)

10 Mar
3rd Open Print Competition
Judge: Ron Tear (Submit on Tue 3 Mar)

12 Mar (Thur)
Inter-Club battle with / at Royston
Judge: TBA

17 Mar
Book Title Challenge (Lynne)

21 Mar (Sat)
Melbourn Trophy Final at Foxton
Judge: Gary Langly

24 Mar
Composition (Pete)

31 Mar
Projected Image Of The Year
Judge: Naomi Saul

7 Apr
Print of The Year
Judge: Vic Hainsworth

14 Apr
AGM – End of Season

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