1st Print Competition 2021-22 (Images scoring 20)

Debbie Saunders Black Sand Shore of Ice Lagoon 20
Gary Yalloway Bee Nectaring 20
Ian Tulloch Adonis Blue on Scabious 20
Keith Truman Valencia in Mono 20
Sam Buchanan Bridge Walkers 20
Steve DeHavilland The Farrier at his Forge 20
Andre Neves Chalkhill Blues 20
Andre Neves Pasque Flowers at Sunset 20



1st PDI Competition 2021-22 (Images scoring 19 & 20)

Linda Marshall Striking Gold 20
Bob Dennis Japanese Anemone 20
Keith Truman Barbican Parcours 20
Theresa Penfound Smiles 20
Pam Aynsley Can I Afford That Dress 19
Peter North Mating Common Blues 19
Theresa Penfound Chalk Hill Blues Mud-Puddling 19
Lind Marshall Boundaries 19



2nd Print Competition 2021-22 (Images scoring 20)

Ian Tulloch Long Jawed Orb Weaver with Prey 20
Keith Truman Ladies in Yellow 20
Nigel Northwood Foggy Morning at Holme 20
Richard Schramm Sunshine and Destruction 20


2nd PDI Competition 2021-22 (Images scoring 19 & 20)

Paul Ravenscroft Chesil Beach Dorset 20
Alan Linsdell Polar Bear Cub with Fulmer 20
Jenny Collier Look at that Lovely Shell 19
Andre Neves Small Skipper on Greater Knapweed 19
Keith Truman Old Spitalfields 19
Bill Hamilton Male & Female Wigeons Landing 19


3rd Print Competition 2020-21 (Images scoring 19-20)

Linda Marshall Snowy Flaxtad 20
Ian Tulloch Red Soldier Beetles 20
Linda Marshall A Cold & Frosty Morning 20
Andre Neves Mayfly 20
Nigel Northwood Forever Autumn 19
Ian Tulloch Chalkhill Blus 19
Steven DeHavilland Heron & Buzzard Confrontation 19
Linda Marshall Kilchurn Castle 19
Jenny Collier Mimentos 19


3rd PDI Competition 2020-21 (Images scoring 19-20)

Roger Care Enter the Ice Cave 20
Peter North Sunset at Whitby Abbey 20
Andre Neves Four Spotted Chaser in Flight 19
Peter North Flower Power 19
Jenny Collier Labyrinth Spider – Possibly 19
Keith Truman Mycena Inclinata 19
Roger Care Black Sand Sunrise 19


Mono PDI / Print Competition 2021-22

1st place PDI: Jo Norcross – Sharp Breath
2nd place PDI: Peter North – Whitby Abbey
3rd place PDI: Hayden Garguilo – In the Middle of Our Goal

1st place print: Linda Marshall – Cracked
2nd place print: Jenny Collier – Tea for Two
3rd place print: Sam Buchanan – Ashley


Panel Print Competition 2021-22

1st Place: Keith Truman – Meadow Flora
2nd Place: Jenny Collier – Feathers
3rd Place: Linda Marshall – Stormy Skies


Points of View Competition 2021-22

Winner: Hayden Garguilo


Pairs Trophy 2021-22

1st Place: Ian Tulloch & Siobhan Woolard
2nd Place: Andre Neves & Bill Hamilton
3rd Place: Roger Care & Debbie Saunders


Print of the Year 2021-22

1st place: Keith Truman – Lifeboat Pier
2nd place: Sam Buchanan – Bridge Walkers
3rd place: Roger Care – Iceland in Winter



PDI of the Year 2020-21

1st place: Linda Marshal  – Embraced
2nd place: Keith Truman – Mycena Inclanata
3rd place: Theresa Penfound – Smiles

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