RULES (revised July 2021)

There are 8 participating Clubs in the Melbourn Trophy. The competition will comprise of one Knockout round and the Final for the four successful Clubs from the Knockout round. In addition, on Finals night, there will be a Portfolio Print Competition for all 8 competing Clubs.

The Rules of the competition will be posted on Melbourn & District’s website:

Knock-Out Round

  1. Each Club will submit 24 digital images + 1 reserve
    • There is no age limit for the images used
    • Images may not have been used in any previous Melbourn Trophy competition
  2. The max number of images from any single member of a club is 3 images per photographer
    • The Reserve Image may come from any member
  3. All parts of any image used must be entirely the work of the photographer. No third party elements are permissible.
  4. The judge will be organised by the Home Club [Melbourn & District will inform the competing clubs of the judge selected for Finals Night who may not therefore be used in the Knockout round]
  5. The winning four Clubs from this Knockout Round will compete in the Final, making the Final a 4 Club competition
  6. The Knockout round must be completed by the end of November
  7. Results of the Knockout round must be sent to:
  8. Results will be posted on the website: .

The Final (Projected Images)

  1. The Final will be held at Foxton Village Hall, with the first Final of the competition being held in March
  2. Four Clubs will compete in the Final of the Projected Image Competition
  3. For the Final each club would submit 12 images plus 1 reserve image limited to a maximum of 3 images per photographer
    • Images used may have been used in the earlier Knockout round but may not have been used in previous years Melbourn Trophy competitions
    • The Reserve Image may come from any member
  4. Melbourn & District Photographic Club will arrange a suitable date and a judge for the Final
  5. Melbourn & District will book and pay for the hall at Foxton Village Hall for the Finals Night
    • The winner of the Final from the previous year’s competition, may if they wish lead the organisation of Finals Night (e.g. providing catering, projectionist etc.) , by prior arrangement with Melbourn & District.

The Final (Portfolio Print Competition)

  1. All 8 participating Clubs are invited to take part in the Portfolio Print Competition to be judged on Finals Night
  2. Each Club shall submit 6 prints as a Portfolio
  3. The max number of prints from any single member of a club is 2
  4. Projected Images used in the current, or any previous, Final of the Melbourn Trophy may not be used as one of the prints in the Print Portfolio Competition
  5. Prints may be colour, monochrome or a mixture of both and must be mounted on 50cm * 40cm Mount Board

The Judge will select the best Portfolio and the best individual print

Format of Digital Images

  1. The images will be jpeg format and be in the sRGB colour space, 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high.
  2. The file names will be in two elements separated by a hyphen (Eg MelbPCtitle.jpg)
  3. The Meta Data should contain the Authors’ Name and the Title.